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Developing Good Dental Habits

Benjamin Franklin once said: It is easier to prevent bad habits than to break them. This holds true for almost everything in life, including dental care. For parents in the San Antonio area, teaching your children good oral hygiene techniques early in life will benefit their smile throughout their life. If you wait too long

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Making The Cost Of Dental Treatment Palatable At William J. Stewart Jr. DDS Advanced Family & Cosmetic Dentistry

A healthy smile is priceless and superior dental care is a worthwhile investment in your quality of life. But the cost for treatment and precision restorations can sometimes be prohibitive. Knowing what to expect price-wise can make your dental visit more palatable. Obviously, the cost of some procedures such as crowns versus fillings are dependent

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Do You Grind Your Teeth While You Sleep?

Here is the William J. Stewart Jr. DDS Advanced Family & Cosmetic Dentistry guide to treating teeth grinding. Understand Most teeth grinding will occur while sleeping. Consistent teeth grinding might be suspected with a sore jaw and dull headache in the mornings. Anxiety or stress are not the only reasons grinding may appear. It can

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A New Reason To Eat More Fish In San Antonio

Gum disease is a common dental issue for many Leon Springs residents. When gum tissue pulls away from a tooth, it forms a pocket. This pocket is a warm, moist place for bacteria to flourish. (You know what they say about Nature abhorring a vacuum.)

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The William J. Stewart Jr. DDS Advanced Family & Cosmetic Dentistry Guide To Dry Mouth

Many folks in our San Antonio community experience dry mouth occasionally. Some develop dry mouth in social situations or when they are under a lot of stress. Sporadic or infrequent dry mouth is usually not a problem. Constant dry mouth, or xerostomia, is not only irritating, but it can lead to severe health problems.

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Sealants Prevent Kids’ Cavities

Sealants are covered by most Texas dental insurance plans. For San Antonio parents who pay out-of-pocket, sealants are still cost-effective, considering the cavities and future visits they can help you avoid. Some Texas dental insurance plans have age limitations for sealants. Check your policy if you are unsure. William J. Stewart Jr. DDS Advanced Family & Cosmetic Dentistry recommends having sealants applied as early as possible.

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Excellence In Family Dentistry

If you are interviewing family dentists in San Antonio, Shavano Park, or Beorne, we invite you to visit us at William J. Stewart Jr. DDS Advanced Family & Cosmetic Dentistry.

Our dental service menu includes general, cosmetic, and orthodontic services for every member of the family.

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