Bridging The Gap

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Do you have a missing tooth that is detracting from your otherwise pleasing smile? Let William J. Stewart Jr. DDS Advanced Family & Cosmetic Dentistry fill the gap for you with a dental bridge.

A bridge consists of two or more crowns on either side of the gap created by your missing tooth. The neighboring teeth anchor a false tooth, holding it in place where the missing tooth should be.

The false tooth that is placed in the gap is called a pontic. Bridges can contain one or more pontics. A pontic can be matched to the surrounding teeth if you elect a porcelain material. If you’d like, a pontic can also be created using gold or an alloy.

At William J. Stewart Jr. DDS Advanced Family & Cosmetic Dentistry, we work closely with you to make sure your bridge is an exact fit. One of our experienced hygienists will show you how to clean under and around the bridge to ensure that no tooth decay develops in the nooks and crannies.

If you want to learn about the possibilities for your smile with cosmetic dentistry, call William J. Stewart Jr. DDS Advanced Family & Cosmetic Dentistry in San Antonio. We also offer general and family dentistry. Your consultation will include a customized treatment plan for restoring teeth, an outline of the cost of desired services and a schedule for completing the work. Come with questions and leave with answers.

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