Not All Smile Makeovers Are Created Equal

Beorne cosmetic smile makeover

In this post from William J. Stewart Jr. DDS in San Antonio, we take a look at smile redesigns. Some people wonder if  the term is synonymous with cosmetic dentistry.

Are the placement of four veneers considered a smile makeover? Well, yes and no. If your smile is attractive and healthy except for some chips in your upper front teeth, veneer placement may remedy the few cosmetic problems and result in a brilliant smile.

Generally, however, a complete smile makeover combines several cosmetic dentistry procedures performed at the same time for a complete smile metamorphosis. The sum is greater than the parts.

At William J. Stewart Jr. DDS in San Antonio we have done cosmetic dentistry smile makeovers on patients from Shavano Park, Leon Springs, and Beorne, who also come to us for restorative dentistry and more! Call our office to schedule an appointment with us today!

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