Restorative Dentistry

Dental Bridge vs. Dental Implant

Hello San Antonio visitors, welcome to William J. Stewart Jr. DDS Advanced Family & Cosmetic Dentistry. Let’s talk about a tooth replacement option common in San Antonio: dental bridges. While dental bridges have restored smiles for thousands of San Antonio dental patients, they are not problem free. Many Texas people with dental bridges find it

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Aesthetic Dental Transformations In San Antonio

Dental implants are one of the best fixes for a missing tooth. They are becoming a popular and effective alternative to bridges and partial dentures in Shavano Park, Leon Springs and surrounding areas, especially among middle-aged professionals and people in the public eye.

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Total Tooth Restoration

Many lucky San Antonio residents who have restored their smiles at William J. Stewart Jr. DDS Advanced Family & Cosmetic Dentistry believe their dazzling new smile brightens their whole face. Some San Antonio professionals have corrected tooth problems prior to beginning a search for new employment.

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4 Oral Ailments To Discuss With Your San Antonio Dentist

If you have any damage from grinding such as fractured teeth, ask about restorative dentistry.

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Not Happy With Your San Antonio Dentist?

My first priority is exceeding my patient’s expectations. Before I can provide dental treatment, however, I must become familiar with each patient.

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San Antonio Cosmetic Dentistry

Cosmetic dentistry is one of the most popular and requested types of dentistry that we offer at our state of the art San Antonio dental practice.

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San Antonio Children’s Dental Care and Thumb Sucking

Because our friendly staff puts our youngest patients at ease, your child can grow up without fearing visits to their Shavano park dentist.

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Dental Specialties Available In San Antonio

General dentistry professionals in the San Antonio area are trained in a wide variety of dental procedures.

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Afraid of the Dentist? Your San Antonio Sedation Dentist Can Help

Sedation dentistry is great for alleviating anxiety for our San Antonio patients, and oral conscious sedation can be effective for treating a variety of different conditions.

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Preventing Facial Injuries

Facial injuries occur all too often in the San Antonio area. Little Leaguers get hit by inside pitches, construction workers suffer falls and other accidents at the worksite, and area motorists sustain injuries in collisions every single day. Accidents at home can also result in serious injury to the face. Serious facial injuries can affect

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